Olden and Modern Great Architectures in San Francisco

Written on June 28, 2014 at 10:34 am, by builder2014

San Francisco is one of the world’s most beautiful gems that is famous for its unique and awesome sights.

Among this sight is the architecture that speaks for itself with its uniqueness and attractiveness. The merging of the old and the new unique structures makes the city a beholding scene to look at. Here are some of the great works by the great architects in San Francisco.

1. Old sights

The olden San Francisco structures explain clearly the rich history of architecture in San Francisco. Most of these structures have become famous landmarks that easily identify this city.

2. Golden Gate Bridge

This is arguably the single most common structure that depicts the history of San Francisco. Built in the year 1937, this bridge has beaten the odds to become the most famous bridge worldwide. The stunning photos and breathtaking views from atop this bridge will leave you mesmerized. 

3. Coit Tower

This can pass for the second most famous feature in San Francisco. Built in 1933 and the base murals painted in 1934, this structure has attracted millions of viewers. Visitors can take an elevator to the top of the tower so as to get clear and panoramic views of San Francisco city.

4. Palace Of Fine Arts Theatre

This oasis of architecture located in the middle of waters is one of the favorite destinations of romantics and weddings. This palace of fine arts theatre is one among the ten places built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. This antiquate still stands at its original place despite being rebuilt in 1965 and affected by earthquake in 2009

amazing view san francisco

san Francisco architecture center

Modern Sights

Modern architects in San Francisco are also not left behind as they too are erecting modern buildings that haven’t been witnessed elsewhere before. There are many buildings in San Francisco that pass for their uniqueness and here are just a few of those very unique architectures in San Francisco.

1. De Young Museum

This skinny building was hit by the 1989 earthquake and got damaged. However, it was rebuilt by the Herzog & de Meuron architects. The resulting structure was one that has created a lot of buzz to the admirers as they admire the design.

2. The California Academy Of Sciences

Located at 55 Music Concourse Dr., Golden Gate Park, the Academy of Sciences was completed in 2008 after being brought down by earthquake. Some of the features that make this building a favorite view for many are the hollow green hills found on the roof, the albino alligator and the long lines.

3. JPMorgan Chase Building

Located at 560 Mission St., SoMa this building is very classica despite it being modern. Completed in 2002, this building is a reference to Hallidie Building of 1918 in FiDi. This building was too dark as well as too bulky to fit in San Francisco’s building code. After a good deal of massaging on the building, the current structure has emerged as a favorite to many viewers.

4. The Infinity

The infinity is located at 300 Spear St., Rincon Hill is a high-rise tower that seems to defy the gravitational force. With the sibling rising a cool 36 floors and the other high at 42 floors, this building is one of its kind. Just like its name’ “infinity” this building doesn’t seem to have an end when viewed from directly below it. This building stands out from the rest since its neighbors are angular and blocky but it is curvy.

Built by Bernado Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica and Heller Manus, this structure is one of San Francisco’s most famous structures. It’s very urban especially with its glassy feel which are associated with modern buildings. This building is surely one of the greatest works by great architects in San Francisco which gives viewers a Detroit paranormal view of San Francisco.